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Real Estate Laws

This overview explains procedure for sale/purchase of real estate in Pakistan, Gift of real estate in Pakistan, lease of real estate in Pakistan, mortgage of real estate in Pakistan and taxation of gains from real estate in Pakistan, taxation of real estate in Pakistan and set up of real estate investment trusts in Pakistan. These brief notes are for general guidance only and should not be taken as a substitute for thorough and professional legal advice.

  • Stamp Act 1899
  • Registration Act 1908
  • Land Revenue Act, 1967
  • The Transfer of Property Act, 1882

Types & Sale of Real Estate!
Sale of real estate in Pakistan normally takes place through a title document known as a Sale Deed, except in certain cases e.g. purchase of real estate in Defense Housing Authority (DHA) or in a housing society where sale deed is not executed for transfer of title in real estate and an allotment letter/transfer letter from the authority or the society, as the case may be, is deemed to be the title document. Some people, before execution of the sale deed, may opt to execute an agreement to sell. However, such agreement to sell does not transfer title to a property in favor of the vendee. It, nevertheless, does create a right in favor of the vendee, in case the vendor refuses to honor the terms and conditions of the agreement, to seek specific enforcement of the agreement to sell. Title in an immovable property is only deemed to transfer once such Sale Deed or title document has been executed. A sale deed must be affixed with requisite stamp duty and it must be registered with the relevant sub-registrar. After registration of the Sale Deed with the sub-registrar it must be ensured that a mutation of such sale is entered in the register of mutations kept and maintained by the patwari.

Purchase of Real Estate!
Before purchasing real estate in Pakistan, a complete and thorough search in respect of title of the seller to the real estate must be carried out. A general practice is to investigate title of the current vendor and any previous owner(s) for the last 20 years. Original title document in favor of the vendor must be obtained along with other relevant documents including mutation in favor of the vendor, a fresh copy of fard, aks shajra and NOC/NEC as the case may be.

If the vendor is selling the property in the capacity of an attorney of the owner then it must be ensured that the power of attorney is affixed with appropriate stamp duty and it has been duly registered with the relevant sub-registrar. If possible, contact should be made with the owner(s) of the property and authenticity of the power of attorney must be confirmed. A holder of a forged and fabricated power of attorney may not be able to transfer a valid title in an immovable property to a third party.
Non-resident Pakistanis, overseas Pakistanis and foreigners may also purchase immovable property in Pakistan. Their presence in Pakistan at the time of execution of the title document is not necessary.

Lease / Renting out of Real Estate!

Landlord's Point of View
Landlord must ensure that lease of an immovable property is executed in writing. Lease of immovable property for a period of less than a year does not require compulsory registration. However, lease of immovable property for a period of more than a year must be registered. If the tenant refuses to pay rent, or for any other reason as stated in the lease agreement and allowed under the law, the landlord may terminate the lease. If the tenant refuses to vacate the premises the landlord may file an ejectment petition before the relevant rent controller.

Tenant's Point of View!
Tenant must ensure that he makes payment of the rent either through a crossed cheque, or where payment is made through some other mode, and then a receipt must be obtained from the landlord. In case the landlord unlawfully or unjustifiably attempts to evict the tenant, the tenant may file a petition before rent controller in addition to availing other legal remedies as advised by his counsel.

Gift of Real Estate!
Gift of real estate in Pakistan must be made in writing. There is, however, a qualification to this general rule in case of a Muhammaden. A Muhammaden may make an oral gift of an immovable property. Although allowed under law, it is not recommended to make oral gifts of immovable property because it may become difficult to prove an oral gift. Where a gift deed is executed, it must be affixed with appropriate stamp duty and it must be registered. An oral gift, in case of a Muhammaden, takes effect if all three of these under mentioned conditions are satisfied:

Declaration of Gift!

  • Acceptance of the gift by the donnee during the lifetime of the donor
  • Transfer of possession of the subject matter of the gift by the donor to the donnee
  • Once all of the above-mentioned conditions are satisfied, then the fact of a gift is deemed to be established.
Legal Services For Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Karachi Property Management – Inamullah Ansari Annual Retainer Program
Real Estate Agents & Brokers Protect your career 365 days a year for Rs. 200/Day.

For a small annual fee, get year round guidance for your legal questions and issues from a lawyer. As a former Real Estate Agent and Broker, I know all too well, that during a real estate transaction you are faced with a tremendous task to represent your clients to the best of your ability.
We can help. We are known locally as the “Real Estate Agent's Advocate” because we spent over 24 years as an Agent and Broker in Karachi. We know how hard you work and how thin most good, caring and knowledgeable agents are spread. Karachi Property Management of Inamullah Ansari offers an annual retainer agreement for real estate agents to provide guidance for your legal questions and issues.

For a small annual fee, our team of experienced attorneys will make ourselves available to answer your questions and provide you guidance throughout any transaction for an entire year.

Some examples of items covered under the annual retainer agreement:

  • Drafting a short addendum.
  • Analysis of complaints and findings.
  • Creation and delivery of a demand letter.
  • Preliminary analysis of a dispute or potential dispute.

Advocate High Court Inamullah Ansari has been a Real Estate Adviser | Documentation & Registration Consultant and Arbitration Attorney-Client Privileges Lawyer too for twenty four plus years and has filled the roles of agent, broker, and owner of a real estate brokerage firm. Karachi Property Management of Inamullah Ansari offers a variety of services to assist real estate agents and brokers, including:

  • Affordable Annual Retainer Agreements

For a small annual fee, get year round guidance for your legal questions and issues from a lawyer with experience as a Real Estate Adviser|Documentation & Registration Consultant and Arbitration Attorney-Client Privileges Advocate.

  • Commission Disputes

Occasionally, a dispute will arise between a real estate salesperson and his or her real estate broker over the payment of commissions. These controversies often occur when a salesperson leaves a real estate brokerage firm or when the brokerage ceases operations. The payment of commissions is usually governed by an independent contractor agreement between the broker and the salesperson. If a dispute arises, either party may wish to obtain legal counsel. Call us for a free phone consultation. We represent both salespersons and brokers in these matters.

  • Procuring Cause Hearings

Karachi Property Management is obligated to arbitrate financial disagreements with other Real Estate Agents & Brokers. You are entitled to legal counsel prior to and during the arbitration hearing.

While similar to a civil trial, the rules of procedure and evidence are relaxed in the arbitration process. Also, the arbitration panel is permitted to ask questions of the parties. We can assist in strategic planning, gathering evidence and witnesses, challenging panel members for cause, and represent your interests at the hearing. Each board/association in Karachi has specific procedures to follow. If you are a Real Estate Agent & Broker and feel you are entitled to a commission that was paid to another brokerage firm or have already been notified that a claim has been filed against you, call us for a free evaluation of your situation.

  • Disciplinary Hearings

In Karachi, complaints regarding the conduct of real estate agents are governed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation owned by Inamullah Ansari of Karachi Property Management.

If you are under investigation by us or have been served a formal complaints contact our office to arrange for a free consultation. This is a serious issue that may affect your livelihood. Depending on the nature of the alleged violation your real estate license may be suspended or revoked.

  • Landlord/Tenant

If you are a property manager, Karachi Property Management of Inamullah Ansari can assist you with any landlord/tenant legal issues. We can prepare commercial or residential leases, help with statutory compliance, and represent you and your clients in an eviction action. Our firm can also help you to understand the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants.

  • Contracts

Karachi Property Management of Inamullah Ansari offers assistance in preparing contracts for the purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate, contract review, negotiation, and the drafting of clauses specific to a transaction.

Many real estate agents in Karachi use the contract when writing offers to purchase residential real estate for their clients. Sometimes a buyer or seller will negotiate a unique term or event that is not covered by contract. We can assist in drafting these clauses so that your clients' interests are protected and limit the liability to you, the real estate agent. If your client or the other party would like to negotiate some unique terms into the sales contract, call us today for a free consultation. Often for a minimal expense, your buyer or seller can protect their interests in the transaction.

Additionally, we represent buyers and sellers during the purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate. This includes the review, negotiation and/or drafting of contracts. Although Sindh does not mandate Advocate involvement in real estate transactions, many states do and your clients may be accustomed to hiring an Advocate to represent their interests.

Sometimes contract disputes are unavoidable. Contract disputes may arise over financing contingencies, repair requirements, the condition of title, contract deadlines, or other clauses found in a real estate sales contract. If your client is involved in a real estate sales contract dispute, you and your client may call us for a free consultation. We will review the contract and analyze a course of action for your particular situation.

  • Closings

Karachi Property Management of Inamullah Ansari acts as a closing agent; issues title policies and are an agent of The Fund and Old Republic. Title insurance protects against title claims and defects and is usually a condition of any third party financing. We are prepared to handle all aspects of a real estate closing. We will closely coordinate with real estate agents to make the closing experience as stress-free as possible for your clients.
A successful real estate closing is a team effort which requires the combined efforts of lenders, agents, Advocates, pest inspectors, surveyors, appraisers, insurance companies and countless other settlement providers. We work closely with all parties to ensure an efficient, on-time closing.

Retainership Program

Up-front fees can give you a cushion against the uncertainties of selling real estate. But who's going to tell the customer!

“We did love to charge a retainer fee, it makes sense to get something up front for a deal we are not sure will work out; but we have a hard time selling it to the public, which is conditioned to expect the status quo.”

As in other professions, retainer fees in real estate are solicited on the front end of a transaction. The fees help practitioners compensate for their time and expense. They're also a way for practitioners to separate casual clients and customers from those who are serious about closing a deal.

Some practitioners perceive that the fees are merely a way for their top performing colleagues to stoke their egos by having clients pay for their services up front. That may be true in rare cases, but practitioners we talked to say the fees are about cutting costs and working with only serious clients.

Unlike the more common transaction fee, which is typically imposed on the back end and comes on top of the commission, the retainer fee is structured as an offset against the commission and is retained only if a deal fails to close. If the deal closes, the fee is returned to the client.

Like a transaction fee, however, the retainer fee is held by the broker and isn't split with the sales associate until after the relationship with the client or customer ends.

Today only a fraction of practitioners charge retainer fees, and the majority of those specialize in buyer representation, particularly in high-volume or high-end markets. If the fees ever catch on, it'll be on the buyer's side of the business.

“We don't think it's something that's going to take off anytime soon, but there are roles for it in certain circumstances”.

We require a retainer fee from investor clients and from homebuyers who drop into his office without a referral; but we don't charge referrals or past clients a fee.

Our inventory is our time; we tell our customers exactly why we charge them “if we spend our time with people who aren't serious buyers, we have less time to spend with them”. Eighty percent of the people pay the fee.
Virtually 100 percent of our clients who pay the fee and sign an exclusive buyer's agency agreement end up buying a property. “No one in our office goes out now with a client without seeking a signed agreement and a fee.”

Not all practitioners think the battle to win client acceptance is worth the price of the fee. “It's a brutal way to do business”. “There's a lot to handle in a presentation to a client. We wouldn't want to add on top of that the requirement that clients pull out their chequebook and write a cheque.”

If you charge a fee, it's critical that you be consistent; otherwise, you could be charged with discrimination, if one drop-in buyer is charged, all drop-in buyers should be charged.

At the same time, you have to allow for flexibility, because not all clients and customers require the same amount of work. It's acceptable to structure adjustable fee levels, but the adjustments must be made for clear business reasons.

Does it also provide motivation to work harder for a client all clients get great service, regardless of the fee, “but there's no doubt that getting a fee raises the bar on the standard of care.”

If you have any questions about legal fees, our retainer or the funds held in escrow, please do not hesitate to ask.

We will fix our fees wherever possible. This provides you with certainty and control around how much of your money is being spent on legal fees with Karachi Property Management of Inamullah Ansari.

Fixed fees also encourage lawyers to work more efficiently and effectively to resolve and/or complete matters. Fees can be fixed in a number of ways:-

  • Fixed Fee Retainer

We can provide you with a retainer detailing the work to be performed and give you a fixed fee price for that work.

  • Periodical Retainers

We can provide you with a retainer detailing the work to be performed with a fixed periodic fee (whether fortnightly or monthly) to be paid to us.

The retainer will have a start and finish date to allow for a review of the periodic fee being charged to ensure that it fairly reflects the volume of work being undertaken.

If for any reason there is a variation in our fees we will discuss this openly and immediately with you, and not leave it to the time of payment.

If you are faced with a problem or a legal question that you are not sure how to answer, don't guess or leave it to chance. Call our office or send us an email and find out more about our annual retainer agreement for real estate agents. We make our annual agreement so affordable; you cannot afford NOT to protect your career and reputation you've worked so hard to build.

Tax Audits for Real Estate Professionals

Defending Audits Challenging Taxpayers' Status as Real Estate Lawyers!

Investing in rental real estate is often pitched to taxpayers by various financial advisors, often out of their own self-interest by the way, as a viable investment option because of the propensity of rental real estate to throw off tax losses that are commonly perceived to be fully available to offset other income generating activities while simultaneously producing positive cash flow largely because of depreciation expense, which is a non-cash deduction. Also genuinely attractive from a tax planning perspective is the liberal use of the Internal Revenue Code to defer tax gains in a subsequent piece of rental real estate by tax free exchanging into the next property rather than by selling and then purchasing another property. With over 20 years of focused rental real estate tax experience I have developed a distinct set of skills that allows me to identify and resolve rental real estate tax issues in a comprehensive manner.

With the current real estate crisis, taxpayers who have taken the position that they are real estate professional routinely find themselves under attack by the IRS which is refusing to share in the collapse of the real estate markets. Tax law does not recognize the real estate professional exception so exposure is usually solely a federal matter. Few attorneys are competent to handle the multiple taxation complexities that arise during audits where challenges to Real Estate Professional status or post basis are encountered. The cold hard reality of the situation for taxpayers who feel that they were treated unfairly during an audit is that there are only a few recourse options available. The options generally are

  1. file an appeal
  2. to seek audit reconsideration on the issue
  3. if the appeal is unsatisfactory go to tax court.

To get the most of these limited opportunities it is vital to have a zealous Advocate. It is sometimes said that while the focus of an accountant is accuracy, the focus of an Attorney is Advocacy. Our Panelists expertise and training combines both fields. As Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Tax Attorneys, they have comprehensive knowledge of federal and state tax codes, regulations and case law.

Audits for Those Claiming Rental Real Estate Passive Activity Loss
To curtail the tax perceived tax planning opportunities detailed above, Congress legislated that rental activities are by definition passive activities under Internal Revenue regardless of whether or not a taxpayer materially participates in the rental activities or not. As a general rule passive activity expenses are limited by tax code to the amount of passive activity income making it impossible to throw of a loss from the activity without meeting an exception to the passive loss limitations rule. A taxpayer has a passive activity loss for the tax year if his or her losses from passive activities are greater than his or her income from passive activities for a given tax year.

Because of the passive activity rules, ordinarily rental passive activity losses are at worst non-deductible and at best partially deductible by congressional design. This harshness is somewhat mitigated by code sections that allow suspended passive losses to be carried forward and treated as deductions from passive activities in the following year, subject to the application of the passive activity limitations that are applicable in the following tax year. Moreover, suspended passive losses from a specific activity generally are allowed in full when a taxpayer disposes of his entire interest in the specific passive activity.

Tax law offers two exceptions to the rental real estate passive activity loss rules. The first is a deduction which phases out of Adjusted Gross Income generally available to all taxpayers. The second very limited exception is found which in general dictates that rental real estate activity in which the taxpayer materially participates as a real estate professional is not treated as a passive activity and thus, losses from such activities are not subjected to the passive activity loss limitations.

The IRS being shrewd has realized that the collapse of the real estate market has caused rents to decline and thus rental real estate losses to rapidly increase. In an effort to raise tax revenue they are zealously going after taxpayers claiming real estate professional status in order to prevent real estate losses from offsetting other taxable sources of income and thus raising tax revenue.

The internal revenue manual provides step by step instructions to the service's revenue agents designed to deny real estate professional status that in my opinion are overzealous and often not in compliance with the underlying body of applicable tax law. Unfortunately, in their experiences, IRS Appeals Officers and the Tax Court will often rubber stamp the IRS in this area of law.

Our Office has developed a national practice pertaining to federal income tax issues administered by the IRS. Thus, no matter what state you are from, if you are presently under audit or will be shortly, we can provide legal services by simply moving the audit to an IRS field office locally. We know it can be intimidating to deal with the Internal Revenue Service and we will keep you informed throughout the process to help you reduce your stress. We have extensive experience in every facet of this process and are ready, willing, and able to assist you should you find yourself in this situation. Contact our office online or call to schedule a reduced-rate consultation.

Mortgage of Real Estate!
Legal Mortgage
A legal mortgage in respect of an immobile property may be created after execution of a mortgage deed. A mortgage deed must be affixed with appropriate stamp duty and it must be registered with the relevant sub-registrar.

Equitable Mortgage
An equitable mortgage in respect of an immovable property may be created simply by deposit of original title documents e.g. sale deed, allotment letter, etc., with the mortgagor. It is not required to be registered; however, a general practice is to get a lien marked in respect of such mortgage.

Real Estate Tax Net Management!

Taxation of Gains from Real Estate!
The Constitution excludes legislation on taxation of capital gains from the purview of the federal government. The income tax law has also been harmonized with these constitutional provisions by excluding the immovable property from the definition of capital asset, whose gain is liable to tax.

Despite this, profits on some transactions concerning immovable property is taxable under the income tax law e.g. disposal of property acquired as a stock in trade or with commercial intent to make profit. However, gains realized on disposal of immovable property transferred as a consequence of family inheritance, gifts or without commercial motives, or the property held as a business capital asset are exempt.

Capital Value Tax on Real Estate Transactions!
A Capital value tax at the rate of 2 percent of recorded value has been levied vide Finance Act, 2006. This is applicable in urban areas for residential property exceeding an area of one kanal and in case of commercial properties without any threshold of land area or size of the property. However, where the value of such property is not recorded, the CVT is payable at per square yard of land area. All transfers falling under the scope of purchase, gift, exchange, surrender, power of attorney and relinquishing the rights have been subjected to the capital value tax. However, transactions between spouses, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters through gift and inheritance have been excluded from its purview.

Establishment of Real Estate Investment Trust!
The concept of Real Estate Investment Trust has recently been introduced in Pakistan as an incentive for real estate investment in Pakistan. Any income of such trust is exempted from tax, subject to the condition that not less than 90 percent of its profit of the year is distributed amongst the unit holders.

Real Estate and Construction Forensics

Real estate and construction projects involve complex issues such as cost overruns, delays, changes inadequate design, differing site conditions, lost productivity, product substitution, professional malpractice, partnership and investor disputes, false claims, financial statement fraud, corruption, and misappropriation of assets.
Karachi Property Management's fraud & forensics practitioners have a long track record of service to real estate and construction businesses, white-collar litigators, general counsel's offices, prosecutors, regulators, courts, special magistrates, and alternative forums.

Karachi Property Management's forensic team assists clients involved in real estate development and construction with services including:

  • Investigating fraud, false claims and whistle blower allegations
  • Presenting expert testimony at trial, arbitration or in mediation
  • Analyzing, verifying, and responding to change orders, disputes and claims
  • Assisting in negotiations with contractors, design professionals, investors or business partners

We work with a wide variety of Clients:

  • Retailers
  • Developers
  • Institutions
  • Manufacturers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Service Companies
  • Property Managers
  • Government Agencies

  • Sureties
  • Engineers
  • Law Firms
  • Architects
  • General Contractors
  • Financial Institutions
  • General and Specialty
  • Subcontractors

Karachi Property Management's professionals have experience provide forensic and fraud investigative services on all types of development and construction projects, both domestic and international:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Highway, bridge and tunnel
  • Military and commercial shipbuilding
  • Federal and state government projects
  • Commercial buildings and office towers
  • Municipal utilities and power generation
  • Hospitals and other institutional buildings
  • Electrified passenger rail and commuter rail
Registering Property

A public officer who attests or certifies writings (as a deed) to make them authentic and takes affidavits, depositions, and protests of negotiable paper!

  • Document Registration

We provide the following document registration services in Karachi, Pakistan:

  1. Agreements and Contracts (optional)
  2. Special Powers of Attorney (optional)
  3. General Powers of Attorney (mandatory)
  4. Sale Deeds of Immovable Property (mandatory)
  5. Rent/Lease Agreements of Rented/Leased Premises (mandatory if for period of 1 year or more)

Document Notarization, Attestation & Verification
We provide the following document notarization, attestation and verification services in Pakistan!!

  1. Notarization of Original Documents by a Notary Public
  2. Attestation of Affidavits by an Oath Commissioner/Notary Public
  3. Attestation of Photocopies of Original Documents by a Notary Public
  4. Verification by Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Documents Attested/Legalized by Pakistani

- Original documents are required for both notarization and attestation.
- For attestation of affidavits, the deponent needs to be present in person before the oath commissioner/notary public.
- Pakistan is not a signatory to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalizations for Foreign Public Documents (the "Apostille Convention").
- Karachi Property Management does not take responsibility for the contents of the documents being notarized, attested or verified.

- The abovementioned documents are registered with the concerned tehsil (sub-district) Sub-Registrars.
- Karachi Property Management of Inamullah Ansari does not take responsibility for the contents of the documents being registered.

Below is a detailed summary of the steps, time and cost involved in registering property. It assumes a standardized case of an entrepreneur who wants to purchase land and a building that is already registered and free of title dispute.

The information appearing on this page was collected as part of the Doing Business sub national project in Pakistan.

Advertise the transaction in newspapers to invite objections
The buyer publishes a public notice in an Urdu newspaper, inviting objections / claims on the transaction. After publication, there is a seven-day waiting period for objections, if any. Advertisements are published in local newspapers (dailies) having a large circulation. Simultaneously, the buyer will verify the authenticity of the documents presented by the seller, the seller's authority to act on behalf of the company to sell this property, and the presence of any encumbrances attached to the property to be transferred.

Hire a deed writer or a lawyer to draft the sale purchase agreement
It is common practice in Pakistan to hire a lawyer or deed writer to draft the sale purchase agreement. Pay the stamp duty, capital value tax, registration fee and transfer of immovable property tax at the local branch of the State Bank or National Bank of Pakistan. The capital value tax (CVT, 4% of the property value as per the Finance Act, 2009) is applicable in urban areas for residential property exceeding one kanal in area and, in the case of commercial properties, without any threshold of land area or size of the property. However, where the value of such property is not recorded, the CVT is payable at PKR 50 per square yard. Fees are paid at the Government Treasury or National Bank of Pakistan, an autonomous bank jointly owned by the Government of Pakistan and the public, who issue a receipt that, is taken to the Stamp Office. The Stamp Office will, upon production of receipt, issue a stamp paper of the value (money deposited) on the sale deed. Such typed stamp paper will be presented later before the Registrar, who registers the change of ownership.

Obtain a non-encumbrance certificate from the Town Nazim
The town Nazim issues a no-objection certificate (NOC) permitting the sale of property by the seller, provided all amounts due and payable in respect of the property have been satisfied.

Obtain stamp paper from the stamp office
The receipt of payment obtained in procedure 4 is taken to the Stamp Office of the Government, which then issues a stamp paper for the value of the sale deed. The stamp paper will be presented later to the Registrar, who registers the change of ownership.

Execute and register the sale deed at the Registration's authority
The conveyance deed must be executed before the registering authority. Execution of the deed is done before the Sub Registrar of Conveyance/Assurances of the area, the official responsible under the Registration Act. Registration of the deed automatically follows the execution of the sale deed. A receipt is issued immediately, but the deed is delivered a few weeks later. The name of the buyer is recorded in the new deed, showing the change in ownership. The documents should include: a. Conveyance / sale deed (stamped after payment in procedure 4); b. National identity cards of both parties; c. Original title deed of seller; d. Power of attorney in original, with copies (if the parties have authorized someone else through a power of attorney).

Transfer & Conveyancing of Property

Conveyancing Department
Our commercial property team is knowledgeable, professional and experienced. Clients include private developers, development companies, small businesses, and shop keepers, landlords of office buildings, warehouses and business parks. We are equally at home working for tenants as for landlords.

Property Litigation Department
We recognize the commercial benefits of avoiding litigation and work with clients to explore alternative avenues to see if this is possible. However, if you have to litigate, we have an experienced team of litigators to defend your interests. We have extensive experience of the Singh High Court, District Courts of Karachi.

Our Litigation Department commonly represents our clients on the following areas:

  • Lease Renewals
  • Licenses' and Squatters
  • Sale of Property disputes
  • Injunctions and stay Orders
  • Annual Ground Rent disputes
  • Property Partnership disputes
  • Dilapidations and Dangerous Buildings
  • Construction and Building Plans disputes
  • Registration of Property and Registration of Sale Deeds

Karachi Property Management can assist our clients in registration of Property Documents before the concerned registrar of Firms.
Online Drafts for you!

  • Sale Deeds
  • Mortgage Deeds
  • Deed of Redemption
  • Deed of Relinquishment
  • Dilapidations and Dangerous Buildings
  • Sale Agreement or Agreement to Sell Property
  • Gift Deeds or Oral Declaration of Gifts under Muslim Personal Law
Notary Statutes

State Civil-Law Notary Statutes, and have advanced the development of Civil-Law Notary Practice in Karachi—Pakistan.

Notary Provide?

  • Mediation
  • Wills Searches
  • Estate Planning
  • Wills Preparation
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Zoning Applications
  • Marine Protestations
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Business Purchase/Sale
  • Health Care Declarations
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Insurance Loss Declarations
  • Representation Agreements
  • Easements and Rights of Way
  • Manufactured Home Transfers
  • Purchaser's Side of Foreclosures
  • Real Estate Disclosure Statements
  • Marine Bills of Sale and Mortgages
  • Authorization of Minor Child Travel
  • Certified True Copies of Documents
  • Proof of Identity for Travel Purposes
  • Passport Application Documentation
  • Letters of Invitation for Foreign Travel
  • Mortgage Refinancing Documentation
  • Personal Property Security Agreements
  • Notarizations/Attestations of Signatures
  • Restrictive Covenants and Builder's Liens
  • Commercial Leases & Assignment of Leases
  • Subdivisions and Statutory Building Schemes
  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transfers
  • Execution/Authentications of International Documents
  • Affidavits for All Documents required at a Public Registry

Services provided by a Notary Public include:

  • Mortgages
  • Wills Searches
  • Zoning applications
  • Real Estate Transfers
  • Health care declarations
  • Last Will and Testaments
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Insurance loss declarations
  • Insurance loss declarations
  • Easements and Rights of Way
  • Manufactured Home Transfers
  • Authorization of minor child travel
  • Certified true copies of documents
  • Proof of identity for travel purposes
  • Letters of invitation for foreign travel
  • Notarization/Attestation of Signatures
  • Personal Property Security Agreements
  • Restrictive Covenants and Builder's Liens
  • Preparation and/or swearing of Affidavits
  • Subdivisions and Statutory Building Schemes
  • Preparation and/or swearing of Power of Attorney
  • Preparation and/or swearing of Statutory Declarations
  • Execution and authentication of international documents
  • Passport applications (Please note that we must have personally known you for two years to act as a Guarantor)

Notary Public Services
If you are buying or selling property, remortgaging your home for renovation purposes, or transferring your property between family members for tax purposes, we can look after all your property transfer needs.

Notaries can handle all areas of real estate transactions and we work closely with all major financial institutions and real estate firms in order to prepare the necessary documentation to complete the property transfer (Conveyancing) process.

Our legal services include review of real estate contracts and title information, preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney, witnessing of signatures on Affidavits and Statutory Declarations as well the preparation of other legal documents that may be required. Please note that we are available for home or hospital visits as & when required.